15 Music Documentaries about Strong Women

Documentaries are an excellent source of inspiration despite the fact that they provide a good dose of entertainment and escapism. After all, these types of films are often able to bring out the human side of stars we've admired as they peel back the layers of who they are and how they deal with fame, what made them the person they are today, etc.

Janet Jackson, for instance she gave her long-time fans an insight into her personal life that they had never witnessed prior to the year. Janet Jackson's documentary, Janet Jackson premiered on Lifetime, A&E and on the day of the 40th anniversary for the self-titled album released by the pop legend. Before you see Jackson's story on Lifetime or A&E check out the women who been following her footsteps, and some even walked with her. If you're not finding enough, we think these documentaries on music about strong women are the perfect option for a reason.

While this genre has traditionally been predominantly male-dominated but since 2019, we've seen the expansion of the genre that includes female heavyweights and we're confident that they're all must-sees.

Tina Turner's documentary 2021 Tina for instance, details the star's life struggles and her path to happiness before she passed. It is worth watching now to honor her. From Pink to The Go Go's to Billie Eilish to Dolly Parton and more, these trailblazers aren't just sharing their stories, but also telling their tales, and the results are powerful and fascinating. Check out the full list below.