The real-life story of the Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes: from fraudster billionaire to prison

The real-life story of Elizabeth Holmes, the fraudster who committed a petty crime, was completely bizarre. Everyone became obsessed when The Dropout miniseries, starring Amanda Seyfried, appeared on our Hulu accounts.

If you don't know: The Dropout is based off the podcast of the same name that described how Holmes' fraud was discovered as well as the change in the Theranos founder of the company, from college dropout revolutionary tech leader to undeniable fraud. Now, Holmes isn't just a fictional character Seyfried created out of thin air. Holmes is actually a real person -- and the actual tale is just as bizarre.

Holmes was a gifted young girl who envisioned making a difference in the world. As a young girl she realized she wanted to be a tech professional and was a huge fan of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Soon after being accepted into the prestigious Stanford University, she dropped out to join the notorious company known as Theranos. No one was prepared for what was about to happen and how many layers were involved in this fraudulent tale.

After several years of getting ready for her big trial and trial, she was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for her crimes, and everyone is curious about: "How did we get to this point? !"

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