We've been inspired by 23 LGBTQ couples who appear on television
In recent times in recent years, the LGBTQ community has begun to see real representation in TV romance. When I refer to "real" I'm talking about two gay couples kissing without it being major news. This means that lesbian characters do not have to conform to the image of a butch. It means queer relationships will be handled with the same love with heartbreaking drama, intrigue, and heart-breaking issues as TV couples like Friends' Ross and Rachel or The O.C.'s Seth & Summer. Although every straight teenager was provided with various models of the way their first love story could play out, LGBTQ teens had little to do with the TV couples for far too long. In reality, the majority of queer people can remember a movie or TV character which first sparked their interest that they may not be all-heterosexual (mine is Winona Ryder from Girl, Interrupted). However, until the past decade, we didn't have LGBTQ romance we could do more than lust after -- romantic relationships we could actually imagine ourselves in, with queer characters real-timely moving between and falling out of romance. Thanks to shows like Modern Family, Orange Is The New Black, How to Get Away with Murder and many more, we finally do. It's Pride Month, which means it should be a national obligation to spend some time in front of the most popular queer love stories on TV And the good news is that we have a useful guide on the best places to start. Here are all the LGBTQ TV couples who have made us believe in love (and in all likelihood, are also very pleasant to be around). Enjoy your watching binge!