15 Under-Reported LGBTQ+ Films to Stream Right Now

Representation is important. It's a fantastic opportunity for audiences to see themselves in films and prove that their lives are consistent with universal truths on dealing with love, life and loss. At a time when the rights of communities that are marginalized are being threatened, bearing witness to these stories has more importance than ever has before.

If you're looking to relax for a relaxing evening at home there are a handful of suitable streaming movies to add to the queue -- all of them are a little-known and poignant LGBTQ+ films featuring engaging characters and memorable stories.

Perhaps you've heard of the sweepingly romantic film Portrait of a Lady on Fire but haven't seen it yet. It's time to do so. You're looking to see a film which celebrates being a Black transwoman living life to the fullest. Anything's Possible is the ideal film to watch. There are a myriad of great choices we've put together in this collection -- from international features to documentaries and more.

Take a look at these 15 lesser-known LGBTQ+ films that you can watch right now.