14 Celebrities who were slapped with a stern warning from the world of movies

Celebrities are very similar to us in many ways. Celebrities can be fired for a variety of reasons, including wardrobe mishaps, parenting failures and even having a bad day. And though it doesn't happen very often, after all many celebrities don't even have to audition for roles anymore, some of our favorite celebrities have opened up about being let go from movies over the years. Celebrities have been fired for many reasons, whether it was due to a change in direction, a clash between artistic visions, or a full-blown drama, like Don't Worry Darling.

Julianne Moore, for example, shocked the world a few years ago when she revealed she was fired from the 2018 film Can You Ever Forgive Me? The Oscar-winning actress revealed, "I did not leave the movie. I was fired." "[The director Nicole Holofcener] terminated me... I think that she didn't enjoy what I was doing."

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