20 Top Teen Movies of the 90s that will give you all Kinds of Nostalgia

Although watching a film or TV show for the first time could be exciting and surprising but it can be comforting to go back and enjoy an older series regardless of whether you have seen it previously.

Even though older films such as those from the 1990s might have significant technological variations, like the huge landlines of Scream, or the outdated radios of Pump Up the Volum, their timeless appeal shows that certain human experiences, at the end of the day, are universal.

If you're thinking about what 90s movies to see at your next movie night We suggest that you stay away from the "Newest Releases' section of your streaming platform and look for some old-school gems. Our top picks include the hilarious House Party, the tear-jerking 10 Things I Hate About You, the brilliant Romeo + Juliet and the nail-biting comedy-horror Scream, which became the first film in its franchise.

In addition, you could be able to witness some of your favorite celebrities baby-faced right at the start of their careers too. What's more cute?

The best 90s movies for teens!