20 Nostalgic Horror Films from the 1980s That You Must Binge for Halloween this year

Although we enjoy horror films from every decade, nothing beats the excitement and terror that come from a classic 1980s horror film. Let's face it, we were spoilt in the 1980s with classics that spawned from beloved franchises like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

Although some horror films in the 1980s were frightening and haunted us to sleep since the first time we were exposed to them, other horror films are more romantic or light. We're sure to be at the edge of our seats each time.

We're looking forward to Halloween, and we want to see every horror film that we can. From the kid-friendly films accessible on Disney+ up until the most terrifying ones that are available on Amazon Prime or Apple TV+. To add some spice Let's go back to the golden era of slashers, supernatural films and horror films in the 80s.

There's something for anyone, from classic horror movies such as Once Bitten or Fight Night to franchise favorites such as Hellraiser and Slumber Party Massacre.

Below, you'll discover the 1980s horror films to watch this Halloween.