16 Amazing Shows Hulu Cancelled in 3 Seasons Or More

We're certain that if there was a 10th circle of Hell there would be a person telling you that your most loved shows were cancelled over and over again. While Netflix is famous for announcing cancellations of shows before they've started, and breaking our hearts every time, it kind of hits differently when a streaming service such as Hulu cancels your preferred show.

When Hulu removes a show it's a real moment of betrayal. It's among the most reliable platforms because they let shows last until the point of their intended ending. But sometimes, they axe a show right in the middle, and 2023 has been a big year for that.

Hulu has pulled two new shows over the last week. While we're mourning the abrupt endings of Dollface, PEN15 and Dollface, Hulu also canceled two other shows. The Great, an Emmy Award-winning show, was cancelled in late August 2023 after its third season. A few days later, Hulu announced that they had canceled How I Met Your Father prior to the viewers knowing who the father was.

It's never fun when a show goes off the air and in celebration of The Great and HIMYF ending unexpectedly, we're taking a walk through time.

Get your Hulu accounts up and running for when you get back into the shows you love. Hulu has cancelled in three or less seasons. See our picks below: