12 Things You Should Never Do at the beginning of A Relationship

It's thrilling to begin an affair, isn't it? It can become even more thrilling with time however, you must be cautious. At first we don't know the person we are because we're opening ourselves up to another person and wish that relationship to be mutual. We would like to be acknowledged for what we are, however we also want to present ourselves in the most positive possible way. It is important to strike the perfect balance if you want to be content with your relationship. Here are the 12 things you should not do at the beginning of any relationship.

Don't push him away

It's difficult to determine who was the person who made that suggestion however, being difficult to meet at the start of a relationship can stop it before it's even started. Guys aren't able to tell the distinction between a woman who is trying to be a sexy and attractive and one who does not care about their interests. Instead, show interest!